Getting Rid of Tonsil stones

If you want to reduce the risk you will be developing tonsil stones start your day by drinking a glass of water, including drinking water frequently throughout the day, reducing carbonated soft drinks and sugar stocks. Better to drink before eating and not during or after to not interfere with digestion. This is how to cure tonsil stones quickly.

Eat rich breakfast containing vegetables, grinding, whole wheat bread, avocado egg or tuna – breakfast is important for daily energy and its getting rid of tonsil stones. (source:

Combine 2-3 fruits a day is recommended that one is a preferred wood-apple fruit with less sugar, the fruit to eat in the morning on an empty stomach or between meals and after eating, combine the fruit with almonds and nuts (a handful ..) walnuts, pecans, cashews, Brazil -Don’t roasted or shrewd.

Combine during meals roasted kernels and peeled like a sunflower, pumpkin -Can be to buy at the supermarket, can be added to salads, yogurt, or snack between meals. Combine 4 tablespoons a day with food.

Seeds – useful for cleaning the intestines, contain omega-3 buy whole seeds and grind a small amount each time a week or two and combine salad or yogurt. Not cooking that may oxidize.

Combine vegetables in a variety of colors, green, orange, red throughout the day. Always preferred vegetables and fruit in season.

If you do not eat meat meal a day or Combine rice with bean salad plus you get a nutritious meal protein.

Instead dairy desserts eat yogurt Bio 3% fat, you can add fresh fruit or aromatic or spoon Sedan, oats, nuts and more.

Get the margarine from the kitchen is harmful to health, avoid as much as possible frying stuff you can steam vegetables or bake it in the oven just as tasty … use olive oil / coconut butter. Canola oil is not recommended by being purified = oxidized.

Avoid white sugar as possible. Instead you can use honey, date syrup, Bollas. It is preferable to avoid sugar substitute (for those that diabetes) are synthetic and not healthy for us. Also found that help in weight loss.|

Replace white flour whole wheat flour / flour Kosmin- hard at once if you can mix half and half starters and slowly remove completely white flour. Rules can not give up a little flour and prefer more vegetables along with protein.

Replace the usual grinding sesame tahini raw full-course. You can prepare excellent spreads is rich in calcium and iron, combined with lemon rich in vitamin C improves the absorption of iron.

Replace white rice brown rice with vegetables and spices out excellent. For each cup of rice 2 cups water slower cooking white rice for about 40 minutes

Do you feel like something sweet? Eat 2 blocks 70% dark chocolate-covered cocoa solids, but do not overdo the quantity …

Here are some great natural remedies, when you decide you want to cure your tonsil stones problem:

Vitamin A: It is important to the immune system, antioxidant, it is important to vision, nails, hair. Found in liver, fish oil, milk stage, carrots, pumpkin, papaya, corn, lettuce, sweet potatoes, squash, melon, apricot, spinach, dates, nuts, broccoli, cabbage, orange vegetables and greens. (source:Wikipedia)

B12: Essential to the nervous system and mental balance, increases energy, improves memory and concentration, essential for Ainsolin.nmtza meat, animal food, egg yolks, fish, dairy products.

Folic acid: important for the metabolism of glucose, essential for normal hemoglobin created and red blood cells. Found in liver, eggs, beans, yogurt, cheese and nuts, peanuts, avocados, carrots, cantaloupe, oranges, leafy green vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard, sprouts.

Vitamin C: gets rid of toxins, it is important to the immune system, healing and renewal of tissues, it is important to absorb the iron found in vegetables fruits, kiwi broccoli tomato red pepper pineapple lemon orange strawberry guava leafy vegetables

Vitamin D: It is important for calcium absorption is important to the functioning of the kidneys, strengthen bones, affects the thyroid glands found in dairy products fish oil fish liver

The best! For absorption of vitamin D have little exposure to be used for half an hour a day

Vitamin E: Helps with stress, antioxidant, improves blood flow in the arteries, prevents blood clotting, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, improves fertility, it is important for facial skin. Found in all plant oils, nuts, seeds, oatmeal, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, almonds, sesame seeds.

Vitamin K: the prevention of osteoporosis, abnormal blood clotting, etc. .. are parsley, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, egg, olive oil, liver, whole grains, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts

Calcium is important for bones, teeth, reduces blood pressure, essential for blood clotting, muscle activity is essential sardines tofu, sesame tahini full of almonds, greens, okra, Chinese cabbage, chickpeas, dairy products

Zinc: It is important to proper functioning of the brain, keeps the senses of taste and smell, helps in healing wounds and burns, hair and strengthens the immune system in animal foods eggs, fish meat and dairy seeds whole grains lettuce seeds

Chromium: essential to maintain a balance blood sugar, reduce fat levels. Found in meat, poultry, beef liver cheese – it is better to thin whole wheat whole grain legumes, nuts and seeds broccoli and egg

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